A lot of lovely readers have asked me for personal, alternative wording for their wedding invitations. I’ve neglected to reply for two reasons:
• My written Afrikaans isn’t great and 

• Because I don't know you personally, it's impossible for me to write something that reflects your personality.

Why don't you try to do it yourself? Ask yourself: What information you want to get across? How formal do you wish it to be? Do you want it in your own voice? What tone do you want? Funny, solemn, laid-back, excited? Write all of this down and ask someone to check your spelling before you print it. 

But, nevertheless, to get the ball rolling I’ve come up with a few examples. "Bewoording vir troukaartjies" here we go!

Example A
Nicola en Gert trou uiteindelilk! Hoera!

Kom  geniet asseblief die dag saam met ons.

Waar: bla bla

Wanneer: bla bla

RSVP asseblief voor:

Example B
Nicola en Gert nooi julle om te kom sien hoe hulle die knoop deurhaak!

Die wonderlike gebeurtenis vind plaas op 12 Januarie om 13:00 by Blah blah blah.

Laat ons weet of julle die paartie gaan maak of nie voor 12 Januarie.

Kinders welkom, solank hulle soet is!

Example C
Ansie en Johan nooi julle uit om Nicola en Gert, Pieter en Marieke se seun,

se troudag by te woon. Etc.

Example D
Ons is so gelukkig! Kom hou saam met ons partytjie!

Nicola en Gert trou op 12 Desember om 10:00

Dit sal wonderlik wees as julle die dag met ons kan deel.

Example E

Omdat jy vir ons so belangrik is wil ons graag ons belangrikste dag met jou deel!

Kom kyk hoe ons ons liefde vir mekaar betoon

Om: bla bla

Op: bla bla

By: bla bla

Kontak asb vir Nicola of Gert of ons oulike ouers vir enige navrae.

You might have noticed that there are many different ways to put this. Make sure it reflects your own personality and how you feel about the wedding and it is bound to be charming.

Oh, and the bride’s name always comes first – after the wedding the groom's name will lead.

Ms. Pettigrew

Do you have any ideas on how to word invitations in a fun and modern way? Tell is in the box below...