Recently, I’ve been noticing a rather disturbing trend on Facebook. It appears that it’s suddenly the done thing to take a series of “engagement photos”.

These photos are then uploaded to Facebook in a public declaration of “look how in love and happy we are!” And friends, family, and those other 500 people you have on Facebook are given the chance to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on your special pictures so they too get to share in your love and impending nuptials.

The 100 or so pictures are usually taken in a natural setting, like a picnic on a field or next to bubbling stream and feature the happy couple in an assortment of romantic poses.

From the loving stare into each other’s eyes shot to the one where the bride-to-be affectionately rests her professionally-styled hair on her fiancé’s shoulder, to the close-up of the engagement ring, there are certain pictures that feature in every shoot.

But obviously, in the age of the internet, where everyone wants to set themselves apart and let their quirky and original love shine, these pictures are often not enough. I mean, who wants a stock set of engagement photos that every Tom Dick and Harry have already done? Cue Pintrest, the place where originality goes to die.

The thing to do, it seems, is to bring a prop to the shoot. A balloon, a chalk-board, an umbrella, a string of hearts... nothing is too cheesy when you’re in love. Even better if you have a pet or a child you can throw in some photos, they will pretty much guarantee your picture gets the big Facebook thumbs up.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I can’t help but wonder what is the point?

If social media wasn’t around, would couples all be clamouring for attention like this? Why do we crave the approval of others so badly that we can no longer enjoy a marriage for what it is? Two people in love who want to spend their lives together. When did it become about something so entirely different?

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