We get that times are tough and that not everyone is able to afford an expensive wedding gift, but some people really take being a cheapskate to the extreme.

I have heard about passing down family heirlooms like exquisite silver as presents, but, to actually hand over a plastic spatula to the newlywed couple? It just screams “I couldn’t be bothered to make an effort."

Here are some over-the-top wedding gifts that will leave you either in awe or in stitches.

One towel.

Debbie: A collection of old rags. It was apparently for cleaning floors etc. so that I wouldn’t have to use my new dish towels.

Nicole: Bed socks.

Eulanda: A broom.

Marrienne: An IOU note (which by the way has still not been redeemed 10 years down the line).

Fatima: A packet of Marie biscuits.

(Ok, this one’s more of an anniversary present, but we couldn’t resist including it in our list)

My hubby told me he bought me an expensive bracelet which he did: a high blood pressure monitor bracelet for our first anniversary. I was so pissed!

Charlene: A R20 note in an anonymously marked envelope.

Lynette: I got married a long time ago, but I can't forget the small frying pan and plastic spatula.

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Have you had a similar experience of being given a horrible wedding gift? Tell us about some of the hilarious gifts you received.