Berlin Fashion Week designers pulled out all the stops with new bridal trends, one of which includes brides parading in bikinis on their wedding day. The new G-string gowns resemble monokini-style swimsuits, which means that brides-to-be will basically be clothed in a bikini connected down the front with a thin strip of material, covered by a veil, of course.  

The world of fashion is becoming more and more risqué, and the whole "less-is-more" statement certainly seems to apply here, but to show up at your own wedding dressed in a G-string for a wedding gown?  

Just imagine the nasty remarks you’ll be getting from the guests:

·    Mother in-law – "Oh gosh, my son is marrying a sl*t!"
·    (Potentially lecherous) Father in-law – "Man, if I were a good twenty years younger…"
·    Priest – "You need Jesus, my child".
·    The female guests – "How dare she, that’s so tacky!"
·    Male Guest – Hmmm… she sure is gifted. Just look at those knockers and that butt."
·    Kids – "Mom, why's that bride wearing a bikini? I thought we're going to a wedding, not the beach."

If this is what the bride will be wearing, one can only wonder what the bridesmaids will be sporting.

Would you ever wear a G-string wedding gown?