Come to think of it Mother Angelina has been dropping hints. She has been walking around with that serene “I know more than you know” smile. And when asked in a recent interview if she and Brad would add to their family she said, “I could end up pregnant.”

A source told OK! Magazine that Angelina is expecting her seventh child and telling friends she can’t wait to be a mom again.

“She’s almost three months along, it’s not something she wants to officially announce but she’s at a point where she is telling a select group of people.” The source said. So much for a “select group”. People are shameless.

Here is a twist though.

The Golden Globes Awards took place recently and Angelina was on the red carpet with her yummy man, Brad Pitt. *drool*. But she did not look pregnant in her white satin Atelier Versace gown. But then, she is about 15 kgs underweight and will probably only start showing at 8 months.

If this is true, congratulations to the couple. Hope she does not pull a Jessica Simpson stunt.

Do you think Angelina pregnant?