As the story goes, Mike was furious when he walked in on Brad Pitt and his ex-wife, Robin Givins, having sex in her bed after their marriage ended.

“I was mad as hell! I was going should have seen his face when he saw me,” revealed the boxer in an interview on US chat show In Depth With Graham Bensiger.

Despite being divorced to ex-wife Robin who accused him of domestic violence, Mike at the time was still visiting regularly for some nookie – until Brad ‘beat him to the punch’.

After a messy divorce and around R88 million later, Mike moved on and married Lakiha Spicer wile Brad got hitched to Jennifer Aniston before getting engaged to Angelina Jolie.

I must say, Brad had some huge balls to piss of ear-biting-Mike back in the day. What do you think?

Brad Pitt was...