According to DRUM, the 22-year-old medal winner is “madly in love” with a fellow athlete, 27-year-old Violet Ledile. The mag also says  “rumours of their relationship go as far back as 2008” and the pair “have been living together for two years and became ‘very serious’ recently.”

This comes just weeks after false allegations that Caster was pregnant. A source close to the alleged couple says to DRUM: “Caster is not dating a Bafana Bafana player, nor is she pregnant – that would be ridiculous. She’s with Violet and they’re lesbians.”

Like all celeb couples, Caster and Violet have even given themselves their own cute nickname – Casvio. AW! This must mean they really are a couple! Or BFF’s. But, hey, once you’ve been for gender testing, you’re clearly a lesbian, right? How ridiculous!

Caster, however, denies the entire story reported by DRUM and seems to be (rightly so) annoyed by it. “I’ve got nothing to do with that story. Go ask DRUM magazine because they know much more than I do. I really have nothing to say about that article,” says Caster to City Press.

Why can’t they just leave the poor woman alone?

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Caster’s engagement is...