I am gob smacked at this. Why would she want to get back with the guy that cheated and lied to her over and over again. Seriously.

49-year-old Demi Moore pushed the pause button on her 6-year marriage to 34-year-old Aston Kutcher.  And now out of the blue, back from rehab and still under treatment, she wants to work things out with her estranged husband.

The Ghost actress went into rehab for addiction and an eating disorder not long after all the revelations of  her toy boy/husband Ashton’s lustful affairs surfaced.

A close source said: “Demi definitely isn't over him yet. Her mood right now relies solely on Ashton and how responsive he is to her messages and phone calls.”

Demi’s friends are worried that in the process of trying to get Ashton back, she is driving herself ill and back to square one. ''If he doesn't message her back for a couple of hours or seems distant in a text, she starts freaking out. While she won't admit it, she is still completely infatuated with him and it's clear she wants him back.''

The Two and Half Men actor visited her while she was in treatment, but it wasn’t a good move. ''Demi is her own worst enemy, because she was doing great in rehab until Ashton came to visit her.”

The source added: ''He didn't actually make it down until a couple of weeks ago, after promising to go numerous times before that. As everyone expected, his visit really threw her off and she went from being relatively calm to very anxious and edgy.''

Would you take your partner back if they cheated on you numerous times?