50-year-old Dina tells the New York News that she suffered years of abuse, and was raped, by her 52-year-old ex-husband during their seperation.

Even though Dina says she has proof, releasing pics of her younger self with a black eye to The New York News, Michael denies this claim.

The New York News subsequently made it clear that they had seen medical records showing that Diana went to hospital and reported the abuse and rape, but did not press charges.

The result? Daddy Lohan now insists that the sex ‘was consensual.’

Nevertheless, the rape is said to have taken place at the home of Dina’s parents - while Lindsay and her brother Michael Jr were sleeping - as the couple tried to ‘work out’ their differences.

That is when things ‘turned dark’ says Dina.

She also says that witnessing domestic violence is what screwed up her daughter. “Lindsay saw her dad abuse me...she saw some crazy stuff.”

Also, it seems Michael has quite a history when it comes to physical abuse. He was actually charged, back in 2010, for assaulting his ex-fiancé, Kate Major.

Click here to see the pics, then, watch the video:

Do you think this why Lindsay is troubled?