Our readers have pointed out before that Generations is killing its own ratings. This includes story lines that have influenced children negatively to the extent that a boy poisoned his father and now, one of thier former actors, Mike Mvelase, seems to disagree with the storyline involving the gay relationship between Jason and Senzo.

“The writers of Generations are sending out the wrong message. What lessons are they teaching our kids with the characters of Senzo and Jason?

“In our constitution, gays and lesbians have rights but I feel it paints a bad picture for parents who must explain to their children why a boy is married to another boy. When you show a five-year-old boy that it’s cool for a boy to kiss another boy, what exactly are you teaching him?

“Now ask yourself, where are the morals and values in the soapie?” he says in an interview with the Daily Sun.

Deekay Sibanda, Forum for the Empowerment of Women organiser, also spoke to the Daily Sun, saying: “Such statements perpetuate hate crimes. People such as Mike and some traditional leaders can play a huge role in promoting human rights, but they don’t see that.

“For him to say that kids will learn to be gay or lesbian through watching TV is just out of line. Children of our generation know that there are gays and lesbians. Either they like us or they don’t, but we’re here (to stay).”

“I feel strongly that our leaders’ silence increases hate crimes. Our government fails to condemn people when they make homophobic remarks.”

Asked to respond to the former actors’ comments, Generations executive producer, Mfundi Vundla, says “Mike, like all citizens in our democratic society, is entitled to his views, but millions of viewers have made us the number one series in the country.”

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What do you think of Mike’s comments?