We’ve all had those embarrassing moments.

Tripping in front of that boy you liked in primary school. Falling on the sports field in high school. Getting drunk with colleagues and having to apologise profusely the next day when you remember how you forced your boss to sing some Katy Perry song on the karaoke machine and you danced on the bar with one of the office interns.

Yes. These were all very embarrassing moments. But at least the entire world wasn’t watching while you collected the most prestigious acting award there is. That’s what happened to Jennifer Lawrence.

She handled it with aplomb though and made us like her more.

Personally. I blame that HUGE dress. But, then again, this isn’t the first time she’s tripped getting onto stage.

And how awesome is it that Hugh Jackman rushed to help her? He is such a gentleman.

I’m sure Jennifer was more than a little embarrassed, but not only is she a great actress, and has men running of their feet to help her when she trips, she also has many awards to show for it.

Good for you, J Law. Good for you.

Watch the video below.