Biebs and his posse were making their way out of a club through the kitchen entrance when he realised he needed a quick bathroom break.

But, instead of relieving himself in the restroom like the rest of us do, he used a yellow mop bucket (wearing those terrible pants) while his bodyguards kept watch.

All his friends watched in awe, clearly loving the show and one of them even commented: "That’s the coolest spot to piss. You know, you will forever remember that.”

Yes, teenagers are morons. This fact was cemented by one of Justin's friends asking the group: “What are we though bro, what are we?”  To which Justin and all his idiots friends reply “Wild kids!”

And going tinkle in a bucket wasn't the only highlight of the evening.

Selena Gomez's ex decided to spray cleaning solution on a picture of former American president Bill Clinton while saying: “F*** Bill Clinton.”

Sheesh, what did the guy ever do to you?

After the 'incident' Biebs called Bill Clinton's office and "apologised and offered to help the Clinton Foundation". Yeah, that's gonna make it all better.

The owner of the restaurant, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, was less than impressed by the star’s behaviour and took to Twitter to, uh, vent his feelings...

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