While mothers can now giggle at the fact that Kanye isn’t the first, or the last, man to shy away from cleaning up his infants dirty business, they also have to validate that he has been stepping up in other ways.

A source close to the Kardashian clan said that “He doesn’t leave North for more than an hour.”

Aw, now isn’t that just too cute.

According to the general opinions of celeb gossip websites, both Kim and Kanye seem to be very comfortable with parenting: “Kim is breast feeding constantly,” said another source.

We’re ecstatic that the fame hungry socialite and hardcore rapper have slipped into raising their little girl so naturally. Since the birth of North, Kim has given her busy social life a rest, even her social networks. The woman only tweeted twice since labour!

Now, if only she can try and convince Kanye to get his hands dirty...

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