The drama never stops when it comes to the love triangle involving RiRi , Chris and Karreuche.

The latest in this scandal is the anti-Rihanna shirts that have been making news all over the web.

Chris Brown’s on and off girl (much like Rihanna), Karrueche, was at her clothing line launch when she posed next to a fan wearing this shirt.

Is this an attempt by Karrueche to start an all-out war?

The 24 year-old model took to Twitter to defend herself and ensure her followers that she had nothing to do with the t-shirts.

"I have absolutely no involvement w any shirt w my picture on it nor are they apart of The Kill. I think that's kind of corny, no disrespect. But I'd never produce a shirt like that .I have no control of what other people do," she tweets.

honestly come to find this whole Rihanna/Chris/Karrueche drama a bit tiring. They should all just save us the torture and come to conclusion quick.

But, what’s your take?

Do you think Karrueche is trying to start a fight?