The excitement about the Royal wedding has been overruled only by the excitement of the Royal pregnancy. Everyone was concerned when Kate was hospitalised with a very bad case of the morning sickness, and were relieved when she was released from hospital and seemed well enough to like that awful portrait.

We’ve also all been watching for when that baby bump would start to show so that we could all fawn over her and watch in awe as she tended to her Royal duties with a big pregnant belly.

But, now, it seems that our curiosity is getting the better of us.

Remember last year when those topless pics of our favourite Duchess were published? Well, Chi, one of the publications that pushed the pics, has now decided to print pictures of the mommy-to-be in her bikini.

The pictures are of Kate and her Prince William during their holiday in the Caribbean, and were taken on a secluded island beach.

St. James Palace says: “We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas. This is a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.”

It’s not clear whether legal action will be taken against the magazine.

Do you think Will and Kate’s privacy matters?