25-year old Tik Tok singer, Ke$ha, has never been a stickler for subtlety. And her latest tattoo just proves it.
She had the provocative phrase 'suck it!' written in black on her bottom lip during a late night tattoo session.

The American star posted a picture on her twitter page with the caption: 'New tatt!!!'

I can imagine this must have been incredibly painful since the skin on the insides of the lip are sensitive. And as crazy as it is, it is a little expected with Ke$ha. Is she trying too hard?

Now she has a total of 6 tattoos of which two of are homemade using a safety pin and pen. But why have a tattoo on the inside of your lip if no one is going to see it, unless you going to walk around with you lower lip hanging open for all to see?

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Ke$ha’s lip tattoo is: