So Michael apparently played a role in getting the mother of 14 to finally get herself checked into rehab.

But, let’s be frank here, people. If there were ever two trainwrecks who both needed to be shipped off to Siberia, then it would - without an inkling of a doubt - be Michael Lohan and Nadya Suleman.

These crazies are just exhausting.

Take Octomom, for example. She's made a porn video, is currently being accused of child abuse and it's alleged by a former nanny that one of her children accidentally watched a video of her masturbating. Sick, eh?

But Michael isn’t any better. More known for meddling in his daughter's affairs and publicly "expressing his concern" for her than anything else, Michael is notorious for riding on his daughter's fame in order to garner his own.

I mean, any father who was really concerned for his daughter's well-being, would certainly not make such a big and highly public deal about it, right?

So one can't help but wonder how he got it right to get Nadya to go to rehab when he can barely get through to his daughter.

Of course, we do think it's a good thing Nadya's going to get help for her pill-popping addiction, but the real question here is, why can't he get his daughter to go check herself back into rehab?

And why isn't there a rehab for people who try to cash in on their daughter's fame?

Methinks someone just doesn't have his priorities straight.

What do you think?