Mel Gibsons ex who walked away with a pretty good settlement of R6.6 million and a house in her separation to Mel is taking to court again; this time to sue the lawyers that represented her in the case.

Oksana who is the mother of Mel’s 2 year old daughter is suing her lawyers for supposedly not putting her best interest first in the court settlement.

She claims that the lawsuit that forbids her from ever suing the actor again regarding their child is sabotage from her then lawyers Ron Litz and Daniel Horowitz.

According to TMZ, Oksana says that she would not have signed had she known that it also takes her ownership rights to her house once their child turns 18.

I’m not sure what this lady’s motivation is, but 16 years is more than enough for her to get her act together and make her own singing money.

Anyway, her lawyers seem to be just as annoyed with her. "Why can't she just live her life normally and have a good life, raise the kid, live in the house, make music, be happy?" says Horowitz