“All I want for my birrffffday is a big booty hoe. All @noahcyrus wants for her BIRFFFDAY is @harry_styles,” Miley tweets along with a picture of herself and her younger sister, Noah, who celebrated her 13th birthday recently, in bed with Harry Styles of One Direction.

Okay, so it was a cardboard cut-out, and it was harmless fun, but it is still a bit whacky, while being totally hilarious.

Miley’s tweets, of course, encouraged fans to ask if there was more there than just a little fun between siblings. She replied saying, “In no way do I want Harry. No offense. I’m sure that’ll be a story now 2.”(sic)

She also said: “I’m happily engaged. Just got saucy with a cardboard cut out.”

What do you think of Miley’s antics?