Before everyone screams ‘what!?’ in unison, take a moment to fully feel the impact of how ridiculous this whole thing is.

Firstly, the production company financing this film obviously only wants to cash in on the whole Oscar debacle.

Secondly, no-one knows just exactly what is going on – the man was only granted bail a few weeks ago.

Thirdly - this is way too soon! What happened to decency? Come on, a beautiful and talented young woman just lost her life a few weeks ago.

Onse Charlize Theron is rumoured to be playing Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar’s girlfriend who was shot to death in the early hours of Valentine’s day.

A source told The Sun: “Ryan has the kind of quiet magnetism that would make this project work – plus there’s some mystery about him. Although Ryan has been saying publicly that he wants to take a break from acting to relax, executives will be falling over themselves to woo him once the scripts are finalised.”

Although the script is still being written, and the actors supposedly up for the lead roles have not yet confirmed, this movie looks like a sure thing.

Who do you think should play Oscar in the movie? See the gallery here.

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Is it too soon for a movie on Oscar and Reeva?