I think it's fair to say Hannah Montana is gone for good. Miley's performance at the MTV VMAs was jaw-droppingly bizarre.
She entered the stage dressed in a teddy-bear costume while showing off the weird things her tongue can do to the audience.  She twerked for a while with the occasional crotch-grabbing moment and gradually humped a big foam hand. And just when we thought it couldn’t get more weird - it did.

After Robin Thicke joined her on stage to perform his hit single Blurred Lines, Miley stripped down to a nude bikini and did more things to the foam hand. Robin Thicke seemed kind of freaked out. Especially when she went for his jugular.

For the coup de grace Miley proceeded to twerk ON him.

Show business. It's a tough gig.

Just check out the reaction from the Smith family below. UPDATE: Actually, the Smith family was reacting to Lady Gaga's performance. But we're sure they were just as shocked by Miley.

Image credit : Twitter

Watch the video below if you dare.

What do you think of Miley’s performance?