Thandie has finally spoken out in an interview with CNN about an ordeal that she faced in the earlier years of her career.

In the interview The Pursuit of Happiness star said that the director which she hasn’t yet named asked Newtown to perform a sexual act during an audition.

The actress describes her shocking experience of how the director took advantage of her and further shared the footage with other directors in the industry.

It seems that the 40-year old has had to deal with similar incidents with this being the most horrifying of all.

She believes that one of the solutions to abuse is creating awareness, she says: "It's not only about the person that is abused its not just their role to say enough, its about the people around. People that witness these crimes and do nothing are also perpetrators of the crime. "

Thandie is now using her experience to uplift and speak out against abuse through the One Billion Rising project that held a flash mob protest in the UK on Valentine’s Day.

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