The English soccer captain was at the centre of a storm of controversy when reports surfaced that he had an affair with the former girlfriend of former teammate Wayne Bridge. The mistress, Vanessa Perroncel, had media outlets begging for her story and was offered £250,000 (R2.8 million) to blab about her four-month affair with John.

And it just keeps getting worse… The Sun reported that John, who was voted Dad of the Year in 2009, arranged for Vanessa to have an abortion after getting her pregnant.

After the scandal made headlines, Vanessa backtracked and denied that her relationship with John was completely platonic.

"I had known John for eight years before I met Wayne, and we had always kept in touch - and that's all it was," she said. "What we had cannot be described as an affair, it was a friendship. "Not one word of what was written about me was true."

But it was too late to save John. He was stripped of his captaincy (in the English team) but will still be attending the World Cup.

In the midst of all this drama, John's wife Toni (nee Poole) fled to Dubai with the couple's two children and her mom. While some reports say Toni will seek a divorce – possibly leaving him with a bill of £10 million (R111 million) – others say she will stick by her man. 

“All talk of a divorce is total nonsense. John is my husband and will remain so," she said.

In a Tiger Woods-esque move, at least ten more women have come out of the woodwork claiming to have had an affair with John too.

Do you think John deserved to be stripped of his captaincy? If you were Toni, would you have left him?