Reports say the blonde prostitute was only 17 when she had sex with soccer players Karim Benzema, Sidney Govou, Hatem Ben Arfa and star footballer Franck Ribery.

The boys met Zahia at a nightclub in Paris and took such a liking to her that they gave her as a "birthday present" to Franck – at a hefty £2,000 (almost R23,000) per night price tag. 

Franck – who is considered France's best player – said he "saw the girl over a number of months in 2009", when she was still 17.

The soccer players were in the spotlight when reports surfaced about their scandalous night, and if convicted face up to three years in jail. Franck, supposedly a home-loving, family man and devout Muslim, admitted to police that he had had sex with Zahia but denied that he knew her age at the time of the incident.

"It is up to the judge André Dando to decide whether or not to bring charges against him," a source said. If charged and found guilty Franck, who is married and has two daughters, could face a sentence of three years in prison and a fine of about £40,000 (R450,000). Even if the Judge doesn't let him off the hook, his wife is determined to stand by her man.

Franck appeared before the judge with fellow soccer player, Sidney Govou. Their lawyers stressed that the pair were only involved in an inquiry. "My client had no other part to play in this matter," said Sophie Bottai, Franck's lawyer.

Zahia stepped up to defend the soccer players. "I loved them all – they spoiled me. I wasn't truthful about my age," Zahia said, adding that they should be left alone..
The investigation could not have been at a worse time – just 50 days before the start of the World Cup, but it seems as if the president of the French Football Federation, Jean-Pierre Escalettes is calm about the matter.  "An investigation is under way. There is nothing else to say at the moment," he said.

We simply have to ask… if you were a sex worker, how much would you charge to kiss a guy with teeth like that?