There's always been something comical about Katy Perry and Russell Brand's relationship. But the newlyweds claim they knew it was love at first sight, when  Katy threw a water bottle at him during their first meeting, and said: "You've met your match m***** f*****."

Two years later, the pair finally tied the knot in a traditional Hindu ceremony, which went off with only one hitch – a tiger which scaled two walls at the wedding venue. Although, how traditional is a wedding which includes a procession of more than 20 camels, elephants, horses, Indian dancers and musicians? We look to the stars to see if this pair are crazy in love and or, well, just plain crazy.

Katy, the seductive Scorpio
Katy Perry, born on October 25, is a passionate Scorpio – a starsign known for their eroticism and bedroom skills, which may explain her tendency to give boys boners. Scorpios know there's more to sex than just the physical act, and they aren't afraid to use this awareness to seduce the man they want if need be.

We guess, then, that it's no surprise that Russell was powerless to resist her telepathic technique to hook him. It's not unusual for this starsign to keep a little mystery, so her urging him mentally to propose rather than hinting at it or asking him outright reflects this characteristic.

According to the stars, the Scorpio woman is a lady when in public, but doesn't hold back when she's between the sheets with her man. When Katy's on the red carpet, she's covered up in simple dresses and gorgeous heels, but when the time comes to get a little freaky, we'll try all sorts of freaky things – especially since we've already seen her squirt cream from her nipples. 

We don't want to imagine what goes on behind closed doors between these two… Let's just hope Russell Brand sticks by her side, because Scorpios are known for their raging jealousy. This probably doesn't bode well for Russell who once referred to himself as a "professional prostitute".

Russell Brand, the comical Gemini
Somehow, Katy managed to tame Russell. It's quite a surprise when you consider that Geminis are known for being commitment-phobes and flirting with anything with two legs. Born on 4 June 1975, Russell Brand has a typical Gemini tendency to seek attention and he's a total party animal. He'll keep Katy in stitches with his comedic jibes and antics, and she'll love it! But he is an extremist – as are most born under the twins – and can switch moods in an instant.

Under all his jokes, the Gemini man is highly intelligent and jumps from topic to topic. We hope Katy's a good listener, because he often dominates the conversation. Sounds like a handful, does he? But as Katy said in an interview, "I always needed someone stronger than me and I am, like, a f****** strong elephant of a woman."

So is it love? Without a prenup, we sure hope it is. And these two may just be crazy enough to make it work.

Could this Scorpio/Gemini combo actually work?