Kim Noel Kardashian was born October 21, 1980 in Beverly Hills, which would make the reality star a Libra.

According to our compatibility profile, fussy Libra’s like Kim, need to be treated like a princess. With Kim, this definitely seems to be true; if she’s not surrounded by people who spoil her, she can constantly be seen shopping for herself.

Bringing people home is never a problem for her, and even if she feels rotten, she'll always look stunning and appear gracious and charming. This is a woman who loves to be wined and dined.

Kanye Omari West was born July 8, 1977 in Georgia, which would make him a Cancerian.

Apparently, Cancerians are the quintessential family man, whose main motivation for striving for success is to take care of his family.

Successful Kanye certainly is, but whether or not it’s for his family, considering the size of his ego, is another story altogether. Known for his penchant to be disruptive, he pretty much embodies everything the Cancerians tend to be: crabby, sensitive and emotional.

The one person whom he has a special relationship with is his mother (which admittedly is true in his case) and is an ace story-teller (does rapping count as story-telling?).

Kim has had a string of high profile boyfriends, including singer Nick Lachey, Ray J, Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries. She has always been public about her relationships and love life (which may be the reason they don’t last).

And Kanye West has dated quiet a few sexy high profile women like  Alexis Phifer, Virginie Maury and Amber Rose (that relationship ended coz of his love for Kim K) Mmm… the key here seems to be high-profile, doesn’t it?

Which means that according to us (and the stars), Kim and Kanye can only be nothing but compatible. They tend to respect each other's mentality, privacy and freedom of thought and speech. This is considered to be a great astrological influence for a long and happy marriage.

On the deeper side, the relationship will require compromise and emotional maturity to stand the test of time. Both Kim and Kanye have Moon in Pisces.This placement presents a challenge. Pisces is known as the sign of "Sorrow and Self-Undoing."

This placement is beneficial if these two have reached a level of spiritual development.

If Kanye and Kim go into the relationship with clearly stated goals and set timelines for achievement, then and only then will the relationship grow and prosper.

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What do you think? Will Kim and Kanye last?