We divulge the most intimate information about Cancer:

Clothes that make you feel sexy...

  • Silver, smoky greys and soft lavender and your colours – wear them as jewellery of pashminas protectively wrapped around your body.

  • Push-up bras to show off your sexy bosom.

  • Clothes made of fluid fabrics that flow like water around you.

  • Stunning sleepwear to relax in after you've taken your evening bath.

  • Floral prints may be passé, but enhance your vulnerability and femininity.

    Turning you on...

  • Your erotic zones are your breasts and your stomach – ask your lover to gently rub your tummy and to caress you nipples.

  • One of your erotic fantasies is to have sex on the banks of a lake – especially when its full moon.

  • You're turned on by your lover's ability to express emotion.

  • You adore it when a lover offers to feed you food.

  • Dab your fragrance in your belly bottom or under your breasts.

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