What he has going for him:
Being the most non-judgemental and non-sexist of all the signs, Mr Aquarius probably makes a better friend than lover. He intellectualises his feelings, so he prefers talking dirty on the telephone, rather than getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Nevertheless, he can still be resourceful and adventurous in bed. If nothing else, you'll be blown away by his creative mind!

Why you should think twice:

He's emotionally detached and constantly saying things like "I need my space" and "Marriage is just an institution that has nothing to do with love".

He's conceited and convinced he's always in the right. He'll leave you feeling dissatisfied and yearning for more.

If you must go ahead:
Make friends with him first. At some stage in your friendship, introduce sex into the conversation. He loves talking about sex more than he loves actually doing it.