• Shadow period dates (the total period, which incorporate the retrograde period) : 22 April – 15 June
  • Retrograde dates (peak period) : Thursday 7 May to Sunday 31 May
  • Stationery degrees : Retrograde at 1deg 44min Gemini; Direct at 22deg 52min Taurus

    Soon after entering Gemini Mercury stops on the first degree and returns to Taurus. This implies a general state of unreadiness for a Gemini phase, and we all return to unfinished business in Taurus. This principle applies to individuals, families, communities, businesses, governments – at all levels of human life.

    Between 22 April (Election Day in South Africa) and 7 May a key issue or theme arises It has to do with values – particularly spiritual and artistic values – and material resources.

    Each one of us, one way or another, will be steered towards examining where we stand on our values and principles and how this relates to our individual situation regarding material resources. Clarity around our values enables us to make practical and workable decisions – particularly when planning to increase material wealth.

    Those who engage with this process will find that by the time the retrograde period is over (31 May) they're a lot clearer about what is important and also about attitudes to money. They will also be better equipped to bring these into harmony in honest, reliable and self-sustaining ways that create true prosperity and peace.

    During a retrograde cycle, Mercury always connects with other planets. This time, there's an interesting and rare phenomenon. Mercury makes one connection only, to two planets simultaneously, and it sustains the connection for the entire period (22 April – 31 May).

    The two planets are Jupiter and Neptune, which remain close to each other during this time. Stresses in the environment and in specific situations give rise to creative and intuitive thinking. We're wide open to new ideas – big ideas. Discrimination is essential however, because not every idea is a good one.

    During the dates given there is an increased likelihood of health problems with any of the important parts of the neck – showing up as sore throats, voice problems, swallowing difficulties, tiredness, and a stiff neck.

    A balanced diet will sustain the immune system, and plenty of sleep protects energy levels. Keeping free of stress will ease tension in the neck muscles. Neck exercises are easy to do. Stretch your neck and turn your head often.