Dating a Pisces woman
She is an idealist, all she really wants is for everyone to live happily ever after. Once you know that it takes very little to keep your Piscean woman happy.

Provide her with plenty of romance, love stories and fairy tales that tell of never-never land and happy endings. Do send her flowers on a monthly basis and send tow bunches on special occasions.

She is vulnerable, sensitive and easily hurt by others’ thoughtlessness and at times she struggles to contain her emotions.

Get into the habit of carrying tissues around with you, as you never know what could spark a flood of tears. Not that she is a cry-baby but her understanding of other people’s suffering is beyond that of the average person.

It is really easy for her to make a martyr of herself buy you may have a hard time pointing this out to her. Take care with your thoughts because she has psychic abilities too although she does not know this consciously. She needs to be looked after but in return she will be completely devoted to you.

Dating a Pisces man
From the moment that you meet him you will feel like you have known him for years. He is very attentive, listens to your every word that you can’t help but feel cared for like a queen.

He is a hopeless romantic and adores picnics on the beach and candlelit dinners. Win him over by preparing delicacies to nibble on, a bottle or two of champagne and be sure to have soft background music playing.

He is a sensitive soul and is very much attuned your feelings. He can sometimes come across as being moody but he is not, it is just that at times his feelings can be so overwhelming that he gets confused. As much as he adores a strong woman he is also a bit afraid of her.

Although he would never admit it, he strongly identifies with the knight in shining armour, waiting to rescue his next damsel in distress so if you are not the type that wants to be rescued then look for love elsewhere.

Remember that he is a fish and inherently slippery by nature. Cast your net wide and give him room to swim and he’ll be all yours eventually.

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