With the arrival of the newest Royal, the world is desperate to know what Kate and Will’s bundle of joy will be like.

Will the new heir be an introvert or an extravert? A sports fan like Kate or a deep-thinker like Will?

We looked to the stars for a glimpse into the future personality of the Royal baby, but the full moon means Kate's first-born will have traits of two signs. Can we expect to see more of a mommy-loving cancer or an over-confident Leo?

Here are some personality traits from both star-signs to give you a better idea of what we can expect to see from the future Royal:

At Work:

Being a royal isn’t all charity balls and afternoon tea, the Royal baby will be born into a lifetime of duties and obligations.

If the baby is born a Cancer, we can expect a good relationship between the British nation and the Heir. Cancers are known to be extremely loyal in the workplace.

Leos, on the other hand, are known to lead with an Iron will, but with enough charm and warmth to win over even the fussiest Brit.

The Baby’s temper:

A cancer-baby will rarely get provoked. Cancers are known to be tolerant, kind and caring and will more often than not walk away from an argument.

This is good news for the Royal’s PR team as it means they won’t spend their life doing damage control! (Like they do with the baby’s badly behaved uncle!)

Leos have a stiff-upper lip when it comes to their temper and are always in complete control of their emotions, which is quite fitting for a Royal!

But it also means they are often described as stiff, cold and uncaring. Though, with a mom like Kate, and the love of the British nation, we don’t think this will be a problem for the new Royal.


And what can we expect in the Royal baby’s love life?

If its born a Cancer, we can expect a fair share of drama over the years, Cancers are known to want constant affection and are known for sudden outbursts of emotion when they’re not feeling loved.

A Leo love-life is fraught with mind-games. A Leo always wants to feel as if they have the upper hand in a relationship and will be constantly testing their partners to make sure if anyone’s doing the dumping, it’s them.

This is great news for the tabloids who can fill their pages with invasive pictures of the latest Royal dumpee.

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