Your sexiest apparel
- Electric blue is your colour
- Electric clothing – an “anything goes” theme will complement your eccentricity
- A delicate ankle chain to show off your dainty and elegant ankles
- New-age fabrics appeal to you – whether they shimmer, shine or stretch
- Fishnets or seamed stockings to show off your sexy calves and ankles

Your erotic spots
- Your erotic zones are your calves and ankles – ask your lover to slide his/her hand up your lower legs
- One of your erotic fantasies is to have sex with a friend – especially in a group
- You’re turned on by your lover’s cool attitude to sex and are turned on by watching your lover being fed grapes by bunches of your friends
- When wearing a sexy fragrance, make sure to dab some on the inside of your ankles.

Your 3 bedroom rules
- Is this a democratic decision?
- Yes! To playing computer games in bed
- You make your side and I’ll make side of the bed

Your sexual wish list
- You want it with equality and IQ
- A copy of the Kama Sutra for when your lover runs out of innovations
- Avant-garde furniture, complete with telescope for your bedroom
- A lover who is a space cadet
- To make love while wearing only flower garlands around your ankles
- Being seduced by an anonymous person whilst surfing the internet

Sexy Leo celebs
- Christina Ricci
- Jennifer Aniston
- Princess Caroline of Monaco
- Matt Dillon
- Paul Newman
- Justin Timberlake

Your sexiest aphrodisiacs
- Vibrational food - If that exists
- Stimulating conversation with a lover who talks politics in bed
- A picture of Che’ or Mao
- A fragrance that won’t distinguish you from your neighbor
- Tantric sex

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