Your sexiest apparel
- Yellow is your colour - make sure to wear it in your hair, on your clothes and your cell phone.
-  T-shirts and cropped tops with slogans were designed for you.
- Add a short miniskirt into the mix and make that age is really a state of mind statement.
- Sleeveless clothes show of your gorgeous arms, while cheeky leisure wear will allow you to move around freely and easily.

Your erotic spots
- Your erotic zones are your shoulders, arms and hands - ask your lover to stroke your hair-free arms with the tips of his/her fingers.
- One of your erotic fantasies is to have sex over the phone - ideally with your favourite high school teacher.
- You're turned on by your lover's whispered words and watching someone eat and then lick his or her fingers.
- For an extra touch of sexy, dab your favourite fragrance in the nook of your elbow and on the inside of your wrist.

Your 3 bedroom rules
- Read my lips, converse and chatter.
- Yes! To reading books and magazines in bed
- First one up answers the phone.

Your sexual wish list
-  A selection of sexy magazines for your bedside table.
- A pillow book to write down and record all your sexual experiences.
- A lover who is a journalist or an author.
- To make love, or be made love to, while wearing only gloves, mittens or rings on your fingers.
- being seduced while travelling in a taxi or a cab.

Sexy Gemini celebs
- Angeline Jolie
- Kylie Minogue
- Nicole Kidman
- Jamie Oliver
- Johnny Depp
- Lenny Kravits

Your sexiest aphrodisiacs
- Food in the form of alphabet noodles and fridge poetry to write a different love letter every day.
- A lover who calls or emails you on a regular basis.
- A light, youthful fragrance.
- Poetry written by a secret admirer.

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