Your sexiest apparel
- Your best colours are the colours of water, sometimes blue or sometimes green - either way, just  wear it intuitively.
- Soft, floating fabrics accentuate your enigmatic aura.
- See-through lingerie that leaves little to the imagination is a must.
- You like to look good so learnt the art of perfecting your make-up.
- Get yourself the sexiest shoes, sandals and boots, as much as your budget will allow.

Your erotic spots
- Your erotic zone is your feet so ask your lover to massage them, rub them, kiss them and anoint them.
- One of your erotic fantasies is to have sex in water, it could be in the shower or on a boat.
- You are turned on by your lover’s ability to practice yoga and tantric sex and watching someone eat sushi, with or without chopsticks.
- Dab your fragrance between your toes.

Your 3 bedroom rules
- To be dominated
- Yes! To having vodka martinis in bed.
-  Chaos rules, so there’s no need to make the bed.

Your sexual wish list
- Some body art, preferably using Henna.
- A fish tank and wind chimes for good feng shui in the bedroom.
- A love who is a movie star, a doctor or at least a slave to love, sex and rock and roll.
- To make love and or be made love to whilst wearing the highest diamante studded sandals.
- Being seduced while daydreaming about your dream lover.

Sexy Pisces celebs
- Cindy Crawford
- Juliette Binoche
- Sharon Stone
- Bruce Willis
- Rob Lowe
- Ronan Keating

Your sexiest aphrodisiacs
- Sushi at midnight and champagne on ice.
- That helpless look on your lover’s face of being addicted to your love.
-  Wearing a romantic fragrance.
-  A lover who recites poetry to you in bed whilst rubbing your feet.

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