Aquarians don't like taking the conventional route. You are capable of self-control, but you're prone to weight swings because of the eccentric influence of Uranus.

Tap into the cool, rational part of your Aquarian nature to stay more stable. Believe in yourself and let your creative talents show. Bad eating habits often stem from not being centred.

Be confident – you can do it! Write down your reasons for wanting to lose weight, not the ones others give you.

Friendly foods:
Frozen yoghurt, steamed veggies, oats, muesli and apple juice. No-go foods: Ice cream, pies, sugary cereal and beef lasagne.

Having a diet buddy or being part of a group of dieters is the ideal way to lose weight. Don't go it alone.

You're not a fan of exercise, unless it's something slightly different such as t'ai chi. The best way to shift fat is to do useful tasks, so clean the car or do some gardening.

Zodiac action plan:
Set clear, short-term targets for January 14 and January 31. If your routine is spoiled by chocolate and snacks, pick it up again on February 1.