1 -7 Jan

Marko is unhappy with the sketches for the mural in his bar. Will Gita solve the Ty problem in the same way she solved the Clint problem?

Errol scoops a cover story for the Hillside Times when he least expects it.

Aggie sees Lindile laughing and chatting to an unknown woman. The waitresses are glad Charmaine is back, but, how long will Ryno's staff cope with his demands?

Charmaine is worried about the Hillside Times, with Aggie in hospital, who will keep everything running?

8 – 15 Jan

What is Gita prepared to do to get Ty out of her life?

What will Ryno and Charmaine do when the Hillside Times staff want to strike? Paula battles to accept that gaining weight is part of being pregnant.

Alan tells Gita that Ty has disappeared and he thinks it's the end of the problem, but Gita isn't so sure. Lindile surprises Aggie with a romantic gesture.

Is Sifiso already two-timing Pulane? What strange noises does Maria hear at flat number 41?

What will Errol discover when he investigates the noises at flat number 41? Ryno calls a staff meeting to explain his plan of action.

San-Mari and Nthabiseng both ask Felicity to make them new dresses for the opening of Marko's bar. Will Ryno's shocking decision get Charmaine drinking again?

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