16 - 23 Nov

The competition is on, but who will win?

Alan tells Gita that he can’t find any info about Len or Clint, Hilda tells Oubaas to go and talk to Netta about the money or else the sheet goes up and Gita is a nervous wreck when Ty tells her he spoke to his father on the phone.

Is Clint still alive or is Ty lying?

Diederik finds out the cups he inherited are collectors’ items worth R6 000 each, Ty assures Gita he will do anything to protect his dad against whoever wants to harm him and Gita is stunned when Ty asks her if he can stay a few days longer until his dad arrives from Barcelona.

That night, something strange happens at her flat.

Errol and Pulane’s plan to raise money to see the Parlotones attracts a crowd to the arcade, Paula finds sout something that upsets her.

The whole of Hillside descends on the club where the Parlotones are performing and Gita receives a disturbing phone call.

26 - 30 Nov

When Gita wants to replay the previous night's phone call for Alan, it's no longer on her answering machine. Is she going crazy?

There’s great excitement when Paula admits she’s pregnant and Gita want to break away to Botswana for a few days, but something ends up being wrong with her car.

Errol wants to work as a cub reporter at the Hillside Times, Gita finds out someone tampered with her car and Marcel and Johan are chuffed with the article in the Times that generated a lot of work for Bandeloos.

Will Ryno be able to reverse the Hillside Times’ shrinking circulation figures and is there any truth in allegations that Bandeloos is dumping rubbish at the Hennops River?

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