17 – 23 Jan
Xander finds a solution for the Times. The Flooze rocks up at the opening of Marko's bar.
Oubaas tries to pacify the prof with some peach brandy, but he threatens to see Oubaas in court. The Flooze has her eye on Diederik, who tries to lie low.

Gita promises Oubaas that she'll to sort out the prof. Charmaine admits hitting the bottle isn't a solution. She books into a centre where she can receive help.

What will Flooze do when Paula tells her Diederik is only interested in intellectual girls wearing buns and spectacles? Why does Elsa Winterbach make an appointment with Paula?

Flooze causes trouble when Elsa doesn't want to use Paula on Bella Donna's cover because she's pregnant. Errol gets his second cover story for the Times.

24 – 31 Jan
Pulane's kid brother arrives in Johannesburg to undergo medical tests. Will Xander be able to help Errol with his plans to become a journalist?

Why is Marcel so reluctant to introduce her mother to Ryno? Does Sifiso have designs on another girl?

Sifiso's two-timing costs him dearly. Jacomien finds out about Marcel and Ryno and that she shares a house with him. She isn't sure she likes what she's hearing.

Elsa threatens legal action against the woman who gave her a black eye and her accomplice to whom she referred as "Blondie".

What will the consequences be of Gita and Vince's clash over the deli?

Everyone looks forward to Flooze and Diederik's performance at Stasie 6 - but the sparks fly when Snotkop gets the hots for Flooze.

What are the results of Tshepo's medical tests? Will Paula find a way to prevent Elsa from manipulating her?

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