18 – 22 Feb

It's D-Day for Paula's photo shoot and chaos reigns supreme in the girls' flat. To top it all, Elsa arrives on set unexpectedly.

Paula works late on the layout of the Bella Donna article that has to be in today. She's on her way to Elsa with it after dark when she hits a pothole and loses control of the car.

Jacomien refuses to talk to Marcel about her dad. Will Paula and the baby survive the accident?

Is romance blooming once again between San-Mari and Diederik? Altus is deeply concerned when the doctor wants to see him urgently.

Hilda thinks of a solution for Pulane's problem with Tshepo. Paula experiences a set-back and Altus has to watch helplessly while the doctors battle to save her.

25-28 Feb

Gita decides to call on the residents of the Heights to support the 49m campaign. Everyone waits in suspense for news about Paula. Will she make it or not?

Annelie wants to continue designing, but can two such dissimilar designers work in the same boutique? Altus receives devastating news.

Everyone in the Laan is shocked and sad about Altus' loss. Oubaas takes energy saving to a new level and antagonises the residents of the Heights.

Marcel hears upsetting facts about her past. Aggie lets something slip that's going to cause trouble for Altus.

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