19 - 26 Dec

Annelie seems to have found someone else in Italy, Xander is concerned when he sees the mess Oppiekoffie’s books are in and Gita gets the shock of her life.

Lindile has had enough of Aggie working overtime, Gita realises her life is in danger and despite Altus’ misgivings, Paula invites all the friends to celebrate her and Altus’ first Christmas together.

Charmaine’s family are becoming increasingly concerned about her drinking, it's the first Christmas without Neville for the Meintjies family and Gita surprises Oubaas and Hilda with a kind gesture.

Errol is in for an big disillusionment, Aggie’s Christmas turns out far better than she expected it to be and who will walk away as the winner at T&T’s bowling competition: Hilda or Matrone?

27 - 31 Dec

Charmaine discusses her drinking with Vanessa and will Clint keep his appointment with Gita or will he realise that Alan is waiting for him in the shadows?

Ryno suddenly has doubts about the survival of the Hillside Times, Gita’s worst nightmare comes true and the problems at the Hillside Times reach a crisis point.

Larry Joe sings at the New Year’s Eve party at the club and Gita makes a decision about Ty.

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