3 - 7 Dec

Bernard finds out what Johan does with the refuse he collects, Gita hallucinates about Clint being back in Hillside and Altus is concerned about Paula who is battling to accept that she’s going to have a baby.

Bernard and Nthabiseng clash over the refuse story, Ryno starts to feel the pressure of being editor of the Hillside Times and Alan is convinced that Gita is imagining things.

Tyrone is back in Hillside, Alan advises Gita to see a psychologist and to improve her security and things at Oppiekoffie starts going haywire to such an extent that Herman has to step in and assist Charmaine.

Gita sends Alan to Cape Town to find Clint, Bernard and Marcel deliver an ultimatum to Johan and Matrone, Hilda and Diederik discover a whole new twist to the inherited cups saga.

10 - 18 Dec

Ryno is livid when he hears the full story about Bandeloos, Bernard faces the consequences for his part in the Bandeloos scandal and Diederik receives good news from his mother.

Gita's past seems to be catching up with her, Marko receives good news regarding his cocktail bar and will Charmaine cope on her own with Kim, Errol and Diederik away for a week?

Who will walk away with the valuable collector’s cups: Magdaleen, Matrone or Diederik and will Ryno and Bernard be able to bury the hatchet?

Pulane gets an idea to make some money, Paula’s nerves are shot over her first scan and Charmaine acts uncharacteristically when loneliness gets the better of her.

Ty disappears without his clothes and his cellphone and Marko is quite taken with the sexy interior decorator he appoints to help him with his cocktail bar.

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