1-8 Feb
Charmaine is back from her visit to the Wes Coast. Will Marcel's invitation to her mom to come and stay cause problems?

Will Tshepo's operation be a success? Pulanie catches Sifiso kissing Zanele in the arcade.

Will Ryno allow Paula to polish Elsa's image with an article in the Hillside Times? Marcel is exasperated when her mom starts criticising Ryno's home.

Marcel's worst nightmare comes true when Jacomien starts taking over in Ryno's house. Everyone is bursting with enthusiam to enter the toy making competition in the Hillside Times.

Will Gita sink her claws into Stasie 6 too and how will it affect the deli? Pulane is worried about the fact that Tshepo has to undergo further tests.

Pieter and Annelie return from Europe. Marcel contains herself when her mom organises the evening's fish braai, but when Jacomien wants to buy Ryno new clothes, she loses it.

11-15 Feb
San-Mari is cross because Emma is getting a designer outfit for Paula's makeover shoot and she isn't. Is Gita behind the sudden loss of contracts that the deli is experiencing?

Will Marko heed Vince's warnings against Gita? What does the future hold for Pieter? Altus talks to Diederik about his lack of interest in his job.

Will Tshepo recover in time to attend the concert? What is Paula going to do when Annelie refuses to stand in for San-Mari's during the makeover shoot?

It's the day of the concert and everybody's rushing to finish their toys in time. Will Matrone get away with her dishonest dealings?

Will Herman be able to persuade San-Mari to be part of Paula's photo shoot after all? Matrone invites Marko to the most delicious food tasting -with ulterior motives.

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