1-8 Feb
Theuns’s choice of words might leave a bad taste in someone else’s mouth. Daleen blames someone else for the state of Busi’s love life and two probable transactions might have the same outcome in the boardroom of Binneland Clinic.

Delia is scared of the consequences of Malan's desperation to break Adler's hold on the NHS project. Theuns's conversation with Gys has consequences for his relationship with Vicky.

Pippa asks Quinton uncomfortable questions and Adler takes his plan one step further - Delia is caught in the crossfire.

Someone accidentally gets invited to the Valentine's party - and the invitee wants the earth to swallow them. Gys's bank balance makes Gideon see red. Naomi is placed in a very difficult situation because of a kiss.

Malan puts his cards on the table and Quinton tries to convince Gustav that he has the completely wrong idea about him. The doctors have to break up a fist fight.

Gys's plans might get him into trouble with Gideon and Vicky. Adler and Naomi are shaken when Ronel's excitement gets reactions from the other nurses. Vicky might not be adult enough for work and Malan gets a brief view of Delia's history.

Daleen prepares herself not to show her true emotions over Ronel and Gys burns the midnight oil to prove everyone else wrong. The message on the serviette has devastating consequences and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

Malan suggests that Delia take his place on the England visit and the unbreakable stones don't seem to find their final destination.

11-15 Feb
Tensions are mounting between Quinton and Daleen while Nina is not feeling well. Gys is tired after working the weekend and Gideon is worried that he won't be able to keep it up. An unforeseen death causes big problems for Adler.

Vicky and Gys rub each other up the wrong way and money, a broken scooter and a wet shirt only make things worse.

Quinton and Daleen's unspoken feelings lead her to an error in judgement and drives Quinton up the wall. Nolan's patience is wearing thin as Adler's desperate plans are set in motion.

Vicky has to resort to drastic measures to save her and Gys's budding relationship. Busi is deeply hurt by Dumisani's actions - although she doesn't know the true state of his affairs. A break-in at the clinic helps Delia in her search.

Bea is surprised with a unique romantic gift and Quinton's words catch a girl off-guard. A stranger in her flat is not the only surprise that awaits Delia …

A kiss is a good reason to seal those lips while Adler's problems are growing by the day. Jennifer has bad news for Sonja while the police are hot on At's trail.

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