16 - 23 Nov

Malan lands in hot water when he identifies his own jacket, Andries is unhappy with Delia’s news and Delia tries to support Malan.   
An arrest is made, Daleen forces Quinton to apologise to Gustav and Tineke believes she has to protect her mother from the Kosters.

At is shocked by Tineke’s behaviour, Quinton gets some good news and Delia decides to investigate the poisoning herself.

Charnay realizes why Quinton is unhappy, Daleen tries to encourage Quinton and Andries loses it completely when he is confronted.

Sonja moves back to the Koster Mansion, At asks Coen to investigate Delia and Andries and Ronel makes sure that Quinton knows that she will miss him. 

At and Malan realise that Sonja and Tineke are missing, Quinton doesn’t see a future for him and Daleen and Naomi is impressed with Ronel’s tactics.

Jennifer provides Daleen with a shoulder to cry on, At tries to find out where Sonja is and Charnay is worried about Quinton and Delia tries to make things right with Malan.

26 - 30 Nov

Sonja is worried about Delia, Daleen doesn’t know what to do with Quinton and Franz’s good news catches Gideon off-guard.

Delia is angry at Dr Channing, Jennifer has advice for Charnay on Gideon  and Charnay questions Gideon’s feelings for Julia.

Malan is cold and distant towards Delia, Naomi gets a fright when Mike arrives unexpectedly and Sonja makes a decision.

Naomi is worried about Mike when he appears again, Gustav is irritated with a certain doctor and Liebenberg grills Delia.

Tineke leaves Pretoria, Bea is worried about Sonja and Quinton’s disappearance is soon resolved.

Gustav smells a rat when it comes to Quinton and his accident, At and Sonja don’t see eye to eye when it comes to Delia and Franz and Bea are at loggerheads over a certain party that needs to be organised.

Charnay isn’t easily impressed, the Koster men have something to say to Sonja about her meddling with Delia and Malan unburdens his heart to Pippa.

Jennifer doesn’t make life easier for At, Charnay discovers something that makes her feel uneasy and Gideon tries his best to hide his feelings.       

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