17 – 23 Jan

Morné makes a personal breakthrough at school: to Bea's concern and Jan's elation. Busi is adamant about going on holiday and in turn every one suffers. Malan confronts Delia about her past with Adler. Sonja receives news that could change her future.

Malan is willing to sacrifice the entire N.H.S. project for Delia. Sonja's interview at Eikehof does not go according to plan. Busi sets her sights on one of Gideon's students.

Malan arrives home with new information about the NHS project. Vicky and Gys's love is put to the test. At is upset about the promises Malan and Adler made to their clients in the UK.

Sonja is unsure if she is capable of performing the task as hand, while the nurses are very excited when a secret is revealed. Theuns is beside himself when he finds out the truth, while Gideon ruins someone's plans.

Sonja refuses to be the buffer in Vicky's life, and Franz feels betrayed by a boardmember. The nurses nominate a new 'At', and Gideon tries to fight for peace in the house. Adler tries to get more money, but there is only one problem - and his name is At Koster.

24 – 31 Jan

It's the first day of the NHS-project, and the nurses are not happy with the changes that Malan made. Charnay is worried about a possible elopement, and Adler gets a surprise visit from a mysterious man.

Malan makes a decision that can influence his entire future. Gideon's proposal doesnt make life any easier for Sonja. Busi is depressed about her love life and demands that Gustav make good on his promise. Gideon tries to make Gys aware of the responsibilities of adult decisions.
Delia is outraged because Malan is not fighting his dismissal. Vicky and Gys finally get good news. Thanks to Busi, Gustav realizes life as a single girl is tough.

Adler warns Delia about At's plans for the future. Pippa realizes there is tension between Daleen and Quinton.

Busi shares a moment with the man of her current dreams, and Bea tries to persuade Sonja not to worry about the future too much. Vicky's dream night doesn't go according to plan, and At's decision impresses Franz.

Theuns is shocked byn what he finds when he eventually lands up in Pretoria while Quinton comes to Busi's rescue. Rian tells Delia a secret and Franz makes it very clear to Malan that he is indebted to them. Adler tries to make peace with At.

The tension is palpable when Theuns and At meet each other for the first time. Busi's praises make no impression on Daleen, and Malan confronts Adler about Delia.

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