18 – 22 Feb

Ronel hears something that might change her cheery mood and Daleen is wracked with guilt over her actions. At and Malan play detectives and Delia whispers a clue. Jennifer get suspicious about one of her patients and Oom Wimpie du Toit is admitted to the emergency room.

Delia receives shocking news regarding her health and she tries to protect the secret at all costs. Quinton's declaration catches Daleen off guard. Sonja surprises At with her words and Adler is beside himself with At's new demands.

Coen provides At with information that might be the final nail in Adler's coffin. Busi transforms Tertius' death into a celebration of life and Daleen's reminded how loved she truly is. Malan is dead set on proving his love to Delia.

Coen has a surprise for At while Quinton does everything in his power to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Malan fights for Delia when careers are on the agenda, and a plate of food changes someone's attitude drastically.

Delia's confused about important decisions and she confesses at last - but not to Malan. After a disastrous start, things are moving in a direction for Daleen and Quinton. Bea observes some of Wimpie's behavior and comes to some important conclusions.

25 – 28 Feb

Quinton tries his best to transform into the 'traditional romantic hero'. A desperate Oom Wimpie does his best to not be discharged from Binneland Clinic. Rian gets Malan on right track but Delia's secret might become an obstacle to happiness.

The truth will set one free, especially if Rian has something to do with it. Binneland's food is literally almost something to die for. Daleen shares a secret - and her worries, with Busi.

One's past might wreck a shared future. Love is all around but could be sabotaged by a short skirt. Tannie Ruda gives Oom Wimpie a lesson, or two, in manners.

Malan's whole life changes in an instant because of a decision that Delia makes. A photograph on a fridge makes someone's heart swell with pride. The end of the world is upon Oom Wimpie when Naomi's father arrives unexpectedly.

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