19 - 26 Dec

Malan makes an announcement that angers At, Martin tells Charnay that Gideon is out of control and Coen is tasked to continue with the plans made for Adler and Delia.

Sonja tries to encourage Malan, Gideon decides to tell the truth and Jan makes a decision about Christmas.

Charnay asks Naomi for help, Delia is upset because she can't see Andries and Gideon gets help of a surprising nature.
Malan has something written in his heart that he needs to say out loud, Busi asks the nurses to help her find a Father Christmas and Quinton is asked to spend Christmas with someone.

Daleen leaves for Rustenburg , Sonja feels no Christmas cheer and At does nothing to help it along – especially when she tries to reconcile him and Malan and Charnay gets a surprise early Christmas present.

There’s chaos in the Basson household,  Sonja makes a shocking discovery and Rian reaches out to Delia. 

The ghosts of Christmas confront At with his past, present and future, there is joy and merriment in the Basson house and Bea cancels their holiday to support Sonja in her time of need.

27 - 31 Dec

Charnay assures Pippa that she and Gideon are only friends, Rian thinks he knows what is wrong with Gideon and At asks Sonja a question that she can't answer.

Sonja is ready to throw in the towel, Jennifer doesn’t know which doctor to choose and Bea and Franz have advice for Gideon.

Malan wants to know from Delia why she didn’t tell him about At, Malan and Sonja have a heartfelt and honest discussion with each other and Gustav warns Gideon that he and Charnay will remain friends forever if he doesn’t act quickly.

At overplays his hand in an attempt to make contact with Sonja, Pippa is overworked and realises something has to be done to make it better and Sonja gets support from an unexpected source.

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