29 April – 3 May

Lukas threatens Coen with the truth and Franz gives a patient advice on his future. Pippa’s behaviour is giving Gustav a headache and Jennifer shares another surprise with Patrick.

A longstanding working relationship might have to put on the brakes and the police are welcomed into a case of confusion.

Lukas, Coen and Delia’s conversations don’t seem to want to come to an end - until it's too late. Patrick lets Jennifer in on the name of the game while Quinton has advice for a certain doctor’s love life.

Busi’s hospitality makes life difficult for Daleen and the ER gets busy when a well-known person is admitted.

Malan is looking for answers, and Lukas eventually realises what is going on when Coen is the subject of his thinking.

Self-centeredness is not a very attractive characteristic, and Gustav doesn’t know how to handle a certain situation. A sit-down dinner is the reason for jealousy, and a patient is trying to make the best of the rest of the borrowed time – even if matters of the heart are complicating things.

Lukas and rugby are the subjects for two fights, and a long overdue kiss has repercussions. Pippa plays hostess, while Malan takes action where Delia is concerned – but then discovers something that boggles his mind completely.

Elaborate gifts sets the gossip mill running the corridors of the clinic, and Malan is a broken man when he pays a visit to another clinic. At realises that Lukas has something to do with the disappearance of his henchman, and Patrick and Jennifer are uncomfortable with each other’s presence.

6 – 10 May

At doesn’t understand Sonja’s behaviour, while Quinton isn’t the least impressed with a doctor’s absence. Pippa explains her situation to Daleen, and Delia tells Lukas about Malan’s point of view. Gustav does something very impulsive, and someone is asked to leave Pretoria.

Breakfast and a gift leads to a early morning unhappiness, and At tells Sonja the truth about Malan. Lukas’s farewells are not as innocent as it seems, and Rian gives Malan some perspective. Jennifer doesn’t realise what she is listening to when Patrick talks to her.     

Pippa is worried about the decision she made, and Jennifer is surprised by Patrick’s big plans. Bea and Quinton have their suspicions about a certain doctor, and Coen has to think very quick on his feet to get out of a sticky situation.

Franz is concerned about his patient’s matters of the heart, and LSD can be used in a completely different way as was intended…

Gustav makes an observation about Rian that opens a new door. Quinton’s tongue gives Franz a headache that Bea cant understand. Coen finds something that gives At a reason to be worried about Delia.

Jennifer is surprised by Patrick’s suggestion, and Delia wants to know where Malan is. Gustav puts his best (romantic) foot forward, and an extra concert ticket creates a problem. At doesn’t hide his true feelings with Sonja, and Jennifer finds Franz’s behaviour strange.   

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