3 - 7 Dec

Daleen realises Quinton may have money problems, At tries his best to fire Delia but meets resistance around every corner and Charnay and Gideon’s research project reach an all-time low. 

Rian tells Delia how At is planning on getting rid of her, Martin tests the water with Gideon and Sonja makes a decision regarding Delia.

Rian tries to make things right with Malan, Martin asks Charnay out on a date, and Joe is surprised at how thorough Gideon’s examination is.

Malan has a big favour to ask Delia, the board votes on Delia’s career at Binneland Clinic and Daleen  tries her best to cope with her new situation.

Jennifer thinks she knows exactly why Charnay is reacting the way she does when she reads about Gideon in the papers, Delia shares her decision with Rian and Martin hits it off with one of the girls.
Quinton is very pleased with how he got his chores done, Martin’s schemes are falling apart and Sonja is petrified when she realizes she’s being followed.

10 - 18 Dec

Daleen is less than impressed with Quinton, Pippa has some pearls of wisdom for Malan when it comes to Delia and Martin asks Charnay to work for him.

Julia gives Gideon an ear-full about his attitude towards Martin, Sonja experiences two major setbacks and Charnay’s head is filled with stories on more than one occasion.

Daleen tries to spare Quinton’s feelings, Gustav has bad news for Gideon and Malan and At have a huge falling out over Delia.

Sonja shares her feelings with Pippa, Charnay decides to grab the bull by his horns and Sonja struggles to talk to At about the engagement party.

Sonja advises Malan on Delia, Martin’s troubles becoming worse and Franz realises that Gideon is keeping information from him.

Sonja shares her unhappiness with Bea, Gideon tries to make things right with Charnay and Pippa is at wit’s end about Jennifer’s attendance of the engagement party.

Quinton sells his most prized possession to make Daleen happy, At decides to fabricate dirt to get rid of Delia and Gideon realizes that Charnay doesn’t believe he is innocent.

Busi is looking for a Father Christmas, Malan is visibly upset when he finds Delia and Rian together and Franz suggests that they invite Jan over for Christmas. 

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