1 – 7 Jan

The Forrester Creations group takes extreme measures to ensure that their new collection remains top-secret.
Worried that Bill and Steffy may be becoming close again, Katie warns Liam to keep his eye on his wife. Pam goes into covert mode in order to get her hands on the Forrester Creations showstopper.

Worried about the consequences she will receive from her actions, Pam asks Jackie for assurance that she will be taken care of. Nick seems to have found love again on the high seas as he takes a special lady out for a ride on the Shady Marlin.

Stephanie and Hope interrogate Beverly when they find her taking pictures of the new designs with her camera phone. Pam attempts to justify her actions to Jackie as a means of soothing her guilt.

Jackie and Owen come to an agreement about the work he brings home with him.

Nick gives Jackie a bit of news that may be a hindrance on their plan to save their business. Everyone at Forrester Creations scurries to make last minute preparations for the debut of the highly anticipated new collection.

Owen overhears a conversation between Jackie and Pam that lets him in on what they have been up to. Donna gushes to Brooke and Katie about the newest development in her life.

The Forrester Creations group learns that Jackie M. has once again stolen their designs.

Jackie is taken aback by the physical and verbal smack-down that she receives from Stephanie. When Pam requests payment for the services that she rendered, Nick asks Pam to continue with her duties.

8 – 15 Jan

Beverly vehemently denies that she was the one who stole the Forrester Creations designs and sold them to Jackie M. Jackie and Nick agrees to continue to keep Pam happy so that she will keep on providing them with what they want.

Stephanie angrily confronts a defensive Jackie about having a spy steal the designs.

Despite Katie's loathing of Steffy, Bill plans for a Spencer family holiday vacation in Mexico. Eric is stunned when Jackie confesses to stealing his designs and the true motivation for her actions.

Ridge and Liam come to an understanding regarding the future of Liam and Steffy's marriage.
Fresh from his split from Donna, Justin is not shy about his desire to rebound with another woman.

Brooke gives Thomas her honest opinion about his and Hope's relationship. Katie and Steffy's claws come out during a confrontation regarding their mutual disregard for each other. The outcome of the altercation ends with a surprising confession and an unexpected request.

Ridge uses a process of elimination to attempt to pinpoint who stole the Forrester Creations designs. Eric worries about the future of the company and its reputation after having to cancel the debut of the new collection.

When Donna learns about Nick's part in the stolen designs, he attempts to justify his actions to her without admitting guilt. Stephanie reaches out to Beverly with an apology and an offer for her to return to her internship.

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